Beránek / Little Lamb Cake 2018

Exhibited as part of Psychache 2018 - Holy Rollers Studio, curated by Ray Harris and Adele Sliuzas.

My practice considers a personal past using family memorabilia, specifically on my maternal side. Responding to items, the created work offers visual links, engaging with a personal history. In the late 60s my grandmother, grandfather and mother (5yrs) moved to Australia fleeing Czechoslovakia. Allowing for my own participation, I piece together an understanding of inherited cultural and anecdotal stories. The work aims to evoke the memory of a past era by playing out an act of visual remembering.

The ‘Beránek’ or ‘Little Lamb Cake’ is a celebrated European Easter tradition. For as long as I can remember, my grandfather (Děda) has made and decorated the cake. My family is not religious, but food and hospitality is closely linked with demonstrating love to those you care about.

In 2016, my Děda required extra medical care and now resides in a nursing home.  Since then, nobody has made the Beránek. By baking and sharing this cake with my Děda I hope to communicate a continuation of family and cultural tradition.

PerformancE night

As part of Psychache 2018 curated by Ray Harris and Adele Sliuzas, a closing performance night was hosted inviting exhibiting artists to extend on the work presented during exhibition.

As an addition to the video piece Beránek / Little Lamb Cake, I baked and decorated a number of Beránek to share with attendees of the performance night. Extending the cultural gesture of demonstrating love through food.