My Mother's Mother's, Daughter's Daughter 2013

Art Pod - Adelaide, SA

As the title suggests the work kind of loops through three generations of women in my family: my grandmother, mother and myself.  Drawing upon the notion of things that get passed down through generations, be it genetic qualities or anecdotes.  Exploring themes of genetic resemblance as forms align. 

Mother Mask 1, Digital Video, 0:24sec loop, 2013
Mother Mask 2, Digital Video, 0:24sec loop, 2013

Mother Mask 1 and 2 looks exclusively at the images of three generations of women in my family.  The work explores themes of resemblance as forms and features come in and out of alignment.  The common phrase or thought, “you’ve got your mothers eyes” is echoed in the title, Mother Mask - highlighting inherited tid-bits and revealing a closeness between women in my own family.

Through a process of digital manipulation the combination of layering video and still image creates a 3D portrait, documenting the true 360 degrees of the subjects face. The work does not allow for the individual to prepare a certain side (or ‘best’ side) for the portrait, but it aims to document features as they are. Removing jewelry and obvious makeup/hair styling, leaving a clear representation of the three figures.